The godzilla of ergonomic sliding benches has arrived!  The only heavy-duty bench you’ll need.

  • Fast setup time per bench – accelerates project timeline, saves labor cost
  • Adjustable bench height
  • Modular design to connect multiple benches

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General Product Specifications

Standard Size Tray 4 ft x 8 ft

5 ft x 5.6 ft

5.6 ft x 14.6 ft

Bench Width Width 3 ft, 4ft, 5ft, 5.6ft, 5.83ft


Bench Standard Height About 70cm, can adjust 8cm to 10cm

(other height can be customized)

Move Distance Total aisle width of 20” to 24”
Material ABS tray (heavy resistance to breakage and scratches)

Aluminium alloy frame

Hot galvanized coating

UV Protection Ability Yes
Color White / Grey / Black
Load Range 55 – 65 kgs/m2
Delivered Design Includes Design of Customized Benches to best fit Greenhouses