Recommendation for the Dry Trim - Trimzilla Trimmer Complete with Kief Saver
Recommendation for the Wet Trim - Trimzilla Trimmer Complete with Kief Saver
Recommendation for the In Line Tandem System - Trimzilla Trimmer Complete with Kief Saver


Why should I trim with Trimzilla Trimmer?

A: Trimzila Trimmer offers a range of benefits. It provides fast and efficient trimming, saving time and reducing labor costs. The trimming quality is consistent, yielding results comparable to hand-trimmed buds. The Trimzilla Trimmer also pairs with the Kief Saver, which effectively collects kief and popcorn using radial cyclone technology, ensuring zero-waste.

How does the Trimzilla Trimmer help save time and reduce labor costs?

A: The Trimzilla Trimmer automates the trimming process, significantly reducing the time required compared to manual trimming. By streamlining the workflow, it reduces the need for manual labor, resulting in cost savings for your operation.

Are Trimzilla Trimmer easy to clean and maintain?

A: Yes, Trimzilla Trimmer are easy to clean and maintain. They are constructed with stainless steel materials, including food-grade blades that are resistant to corrosion. This makes the cleaning process straightforward and helps ensure the longevity of the machine with proper maintenance.


Trimzilla Trimmer handle wet or dry buds?

A: The Trimzilla Trimmer is designed to handle both wet and dry buds. It offers different slot sizes for the screens to accommodate various bud conditions. For dry buds, the suggested slot sizes are 7/32″ and 3/16″, while for wet buds, the recommended slot sizes are 1/4″ and 9/32″. These slot sizes ensure optimal trimming results based on the moisture content of the buds.



Can I control the trimming settings on a Trimzilla Trimmer?

A: Yes, the Trimzilla Trimmer provides the ability to control the tumbler speed. With 5-speed options available, you have full control over the trimming process, allowing you to adjust the speed to your desired level and meet your specific trimming requirements.




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