About Greenzilla

• Delivering technology from semiconductor and aerospace industry to improve functionality in the hemp industry.
• Reliability lab to ensure the highest up time.
• Semiconductor and aerospace engineers designing and developing equipment to meet growers requirement.
• Deliver highest quality at the lowest cost possible.
• Team approach to adding features and benefits to meet the growers requirement.

Our Mission in supplying hemp greenhouse equipment

• Greenzilla specializes in designing and developing the best equipment to help growers be much more efficient in harvesting.
• Deliver equipment designed to meet your requirement at the lowest possible cost.

We are constantly looking for ways to increase and improve the products we sell. Contact us and let us know what you need.

Design and Development of Greenhouse Equipment with Quality Control
Top Quality Products for Hemp Greenhouse Harvesting and Processing

We design, develop, and produce the best equipment. Every phase of development and production is checked and re checked in our quality and reliability control processes which results in top quality products.

Reliability at Reasonable Prices at Greenzilla - Hemp Growing & Processing Equipment

Our products are reliable. All electronic products have a built in Remote Health Monitoring capability so status of each machine can be monitored on a smartphone or tablet remotely to help maximize efficiency.

Quality Greenhouse Equipment Production
Greenzilla - Hemp Greenhouse Processing Equipment - Customer Support
  • We do provide remote health monitoring for customers daily/ monthly report available.
  • Replacement parts available screens, motors, etc.

If you need any assistance, please contact us at customerservice@greenzilla.tech