About Greenzilla

• Our MISSION is to deliver the highest quality trim in a cost-effective manner.
• GREENZILLA TECH delivers high technology from semiconductor and aerospace industry to improve functionality.
• Growers combined with engineers to design and develop equipment to meet the grower’s requirements.

Top Quality Products for Hemp Greenhouse Harvesting and Processing

We design, develop, and produce the best equipment. Every phase of development and production is checked and re checked in our quality and reliability control processes which results in top quality products.

Reliable Marijuana Plant Trimmer Equipment

All electronic products have built in remote health monitoring, the status of each machine can be remotely monitored by smartphone or tablet to maximize efficiency.

Design and development of electronic products for reliability and health monitoring
Greenzilla - Hemp Greenhouse Processing Equipment - Customer Support
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Training videos for part replacement

If you need any assistance, please contact us at customerservice@greenzilla.tech