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New Gen Trimzilla Trimmer

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Greenzilla specializes in developing and manufacturing hemp automation equipment to aid in the harvesting.

Automating your farming is our DNA.

Contact us with any questions at customerservice@greenzilla.tech

Reliability Lab at Greenzilla

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Why Our Products?

Greenzilla’s Differentiation

  • Technology – Quick change design for motors, blades and consumable parts.
  • Reliability – Qualified standard motors / parts, with seven year warranty.
  • Serviceability – Motor quick change capability and all parts can be easily change.
  • Lowest Cost Over The Life Of The Product:
    o Technology enabling adjustments / tuning reduces labor cost
    o Robust reliability increases uptime
    o Ease of serviceability
Hemp Cloth for Clothing
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The Hemp Industry

The farming of hemp is an industry that provides the raw materials for many products. For more than 10,000 years, the hemp plant’s stems, oils from the leaves and the smokable flowers, and protein from the seeds have been used to make a wide variety of items. These include paper, food, clothing, rope, textiles, building materials, and even biofuels.

At Greenzilla, our mission is to automate your farming operations. We are constantly working with farmers on developing new equipment and services for the industry.

Featured Hemp Greenhouse Equipment


Trim a beast!  Delivers the optimal trim for each type of flower!

  • Quick change of rotating screens for wet and dry trimming
  • Built-in heavy duty tilt adjustment – no separate unit, no extra cost, easy storage
  • Gold dust collector – Collect your shake and maximize yield and profit
  • Variable vacuum power
  • Option to monitor motor health remotely using a phone app & real time monitoring service
Wet/Dry Trimzilla + Gold Dust Collector
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