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New Gen Trimzilla™ Trimmer

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Greenzilla specializes in delivering automated trimming equipment customized for your beautiful buds.

Greenzilla enables your automation.

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Reliability Lab at Greenzilla

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Why Our Products?

Greenzilla’s Differentiation

  • Technology – Quick change design for tumbler screen and consumable parts.
  • Reliability – All electronic products have built in remote health monitoring, the status of each machine can be remotely monitored by smartphone or tablet to maximize efficiency.
  • Serviceability – Designed for simple self-servicing.
  • Accessibility – Cost effective and high-performance trimmer.
Trimzilla - Marijuana plant trimmer


Delivers the optimal trim for your beautiful bud!

  • Short tumbler screen changeover time
  • Variable tumbler screen speed
  • Vacuum control
  • Built-in electrical jack for tilting
  • Variable size for tumbler screen, suitable to trim wet, semi-dry, dry buds
Trimzilla - Plant trimmer for hemp or marijuana plants
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